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The Journey......from derelict building to international school...part 2

So the journey continues.... we are in a Pandemic but the journey cannot and must not stop. We cannot even rest because the music must play on....

So like my friend said to me the other day.. so what are you up to now? I replied, I am continuing on my journey. I have been ill, in hospital for a month and taken 5 months off work completely unrelated to Covid! But the journey kept me going. Thanking God everyday for survival.

I suppose I could let the pictures speak for themselves but that would only be telling half the story. Lets start with the provision we are making for our children. In our little University village in Ekiti state.

Ahh the Poetry parties! We have been engaging in 3 Poetry parties with Lily Lane Primary School in Manchester. That has been amazing. All the children involved have been exposed to international and cultural learning opportunities.

Our first participative poetry party was themed 'Cuckoo' - a migratory bird found in Africa.

To watch us, tune to 21.26 mins.

Our final Poetry Party for the year - Woyaya - "We are going, Heaven knows that we are going; We know we are! We will get there, Heaven knows that we will get there, we know we will......" It will be hard we know, And the road will be narrow and rough; But w'ill get there, Heaven knows that we will get there, We know we will.

Hurray!!! By the end of the academic year 2021, we had about 70 children, several teachers and the pilot secondary school had proved successful.

We now need to seriously plan for extending the secondary school to ensure that we are providing excellence.

Now the building......

Remember this?

Only one side and the back were completed. This gave us 10 classrooms and a library.

Now both sides are open to provide 17 teaching rooms. The ground floor is now completed.

All that work! All that support!! All that money!!! All those months!!!!

We still need to complete the building. Then there will be a grand opening! It is pretty scary the amount of work that still needs to be done. I feel I bit up more than I can chew honestly but we are in it now. Shear hard work - hard graft for all these people. We had to finish this section before we could complete the last 6 rooms downstairs. It costed £20,000. This is not too much in the grand scheme of things.

To complete the building do will cost us 60-65 Million Naira (£85000-£95000) depending on the Naira exchange rate and the ever changing cost of materials. It is a tall order. We estimate another 2-3years to completion. If we receive funding then it will be completed in 12 months.

Someone out there... Help:)

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