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The building so far....

So I have been away for some time doing a lot of things - completing the first 10 rooms in the building. A standard library space, a 2 'n' 1 nursery/creche space and 8 classrooms. Then we installed CCTV in all the classes.

Let's put them side by side shall we...

Maybe I didn't tell you but each class has its own toilet and washroom space. "That's just epic" said one of my friends. I agreed. In addition we installed a borehole and two large tanks to service the toilets and washrooms.

All your donated play toys and the play equipment we purchased are in operation. We have purchased and have been gifted additional play materials to send down this year.

An now we are open! The Creche/Nursery is open. We are enrolling children for next year

If you are interested or you know someone, call the school on 08058008825

Below is a picture of our temporary library with computer access because the main library is not yet fully ready. I will upload the pictures once its ready.

To facilitate the movement of children from local villages, we have been able to purchase a used bus. Many thanks to SK Eyebiokin and Niyi Quadri for sourcing the bus from Lagos and driving it down to Ado Ekiti.They spent one week in Lagos searching for an adequate bus within our budget! We are grateful for the time taken to do this. Many thanks to the Osekita young men for providing the funds for the purchase. More grease..More blessings

Many thanks to all our potential donors and supporters. Many thanks to the several departments at Harlington School for the donation of school books and materials. We have been gifted many pieces of equipment including a mini language lab, books, toys, computer, light microscopes and analogue ammeters and voltmeters.

We still require resources to equip two KS3 Science laboratories and a Technology room. We just have to build them first. We need support to complete the building - 6 more classrooms downstairs and the 16 classrooms on the next floor need to be completed.

This will complete our 32 room all through Academy. It is a massive task but not impossible. Our biggest spend at the moment is iron. We need about 4 Million naira (£8000) to buy the iron, granite, cement and sand to complete the final decking for the last 6 classrooms on the ground floor. When this is done, we can start to build upwards. One step at a time...

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