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Osekita Academy is located on the outskirts of Ado Ekiti in Ekiti State. We are a neighbouring school to EKSU - Ekiti State University. We are in fact We are located in Iworoko Ekiti in  Ekiti State. Sited on OSEKITA Estate, we are immediate neighbours to Ekiti State University on Iworoko road.

We are easily accessible to parents commuting to  EKTV, EKSU, Federal Teaching Hospital Ido Ekiti and the Federal University at Oye Ekiti.

Our Building Program

We have commenced major building and renovation works to convert a 14 block hostel into a 36 room school. We completed 10 classrooms and a small multipurpose library by July 2019.

By the time the school commenced in September 2019, all building areas had been made safe to allow safe operations whilst we raised funds for the rest of the building.

Fast forward to 2021, despite the Pandemic, we have now added an additional 5 classrooms and a junior laboratory ready for furnishing. The ground floor is now completed - providing us with a total of 17 spaces.

We will begin to raise funding for the first floor.

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